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A Steamy Novella.

Three Steamy 'Love at First Sight"


A Gothic Regency Murder Mystery 

A Current  UK Best Selling Novel

The Bath Series 
Romantic Regency Murder Mysteries.


The Trevellians' of New-Lyn - Georgian / Regency
Romantic Murder Mysteries


Other Georgian & Regency novels.

This is a Risque and Controversial novella for people who don't understand the tragedy of PTSD, nor the fact women were bound to honour a father's wish, or abide to the edict set down by an elder brother. Contracted marriages were commonplace, and not all suitors were honourable!   


An Erotic novel

The Royal Series - spanning the years 1642 - 1685 at present.
There are two more books to come. 


To Come in this Series.